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We are manufacturers so we adapt to the needs of each client, offering an individualized service, our principles are governed by seriousness, speed, and quality during the sales and after sales process.

Our technicians will inform you about the benefits and disadvantages of each product, they will solve all your doubts and advise you on which product best suits your needs, without any commitment, because our mission is to guarantee every costumer a high quality product.

International CoverPool S.L.U.

International Coverpool S.L.U. is a company created by young people, but with years of experience in the pool care and maintenance sector.

We manufacture of all types of custom covers, both summer and winter, as well as other accessories for swimming pools.

The company was created in 2010. Throughout these years we have been innovating and introducing new the design and manufacture techniques for our covers, thermal blankets and other products, obtaining as a final result a higher quality product.

International CoverPool Facilities

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International CoverPool S.L.U. Facilities


International CoverPool S.L.U. Facilities